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Your Approach

AI-Driven Sourcing
& Negotiation

Elevate your procurement with Soource: discover the best market solutions through extensive global research and automated email negotiations with thousands of suppliers worldwide.

€1.6 million and beyond: that’s the value of supplier
transactions managed by Soource in the last 6 months,
which have empowered over 340 companies
across various industries.

The Flow

Define the database

The purchasing manager have 3 options:
1. Upload an own list of suppliers.
2. Manually insert a supplier.
3. Use the AI algorithm of Soource to find new suppliers worldwide.

Send the request

The purchasing manager sends a quote request which is then automatically forwarded to the entire list of suppliers via email. Offer requests are sent to suppliers based on their profiling, utilizing multiple languages and communication styles.

Select the best

Soource autonomously carries on negotiations via email and collects all the data extracted from the emails on the platform. The purchase manager needs just to access the platform and select the top offer suggested by Soource.

Our state-of-the-art sourcing:

Focus on strategy and optimize your sourcing and negotiation efforts. Soource takes care of every aspect for you, saving you money and energy. Through interaction and automated negotiation with thousands of suppliers worldwide, it will identify the best market solution for your needs, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business. Invest your precious time where it matters most: achieving exceptional results.

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Your benefits

the process

The AI speeds up global supplier sourcing and automates negotiations, allowing procurement managers to quickly find the best market offers and expedite the entire process.

Obtain better

By comparing thousands of offers from extensive supplier networks, Soource ensures that procurement managers consistently find the best solution in the market.

Reduce Risk

Soource allows purchasing managers to efficiently connect, negotiate, and manage vast suppliers’ networks reducing price and availability dependence on individual suppliers.

How does it work?


Massive global sourcing and supplier profiling

Soource autonomously verifies and profiles suppliers starting from large databases. The purchase manager has also the possibility to discover new suppliers directly on Soource.


In-email automated negotiations

Soource carries on automated negotiations with extended suppliers’ networks. This includes sending automated initial offer requests, follow ups and confirmation/rejection emails always maintaining a personalized communication style.

Furthermore, the system aggregates requests for the same products from various salespeople. This enhances efficiency by reducing the need for multiple negotiations and increasing bargaining power through larger order quantities.


Instant ranking to identify the best offers

Soource extracts information from emails, including details such as price, quantity, and other conditions. This information is then directly displayed on the platform, allowing the procurement manager to easily compare offers and rank them based on various criteria.

Who we are

Soource stems from the concept of Functional, a leading disposable device distribution company founded in 2020. In just 3 years, we’ve managed thousands of international suppliers and gained the trust of over 2,000 companies, leveraging our AI-based sourcing model. Now, we aim to harness our innovative technology for the benefit of your business.

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